HTF Compact is a highly innovative product which has a high potential to disrupt the market as we know it. That might be the reason why you have not heard about it so far. After HTF Compact is introduced, an immediate boost of the efficiency can be recognized. You will see the effect not only on your power bills but also on your operating equipment, which will need less energy to achieve the same output.

There is a slight increase in viscosity values after addition of HTF Compact (less than 2%). The mentioned increased in viscosity does not impact the overall power need at the pumps since the increased efficiency results in lower flowrates needed to achieve same performance.

No, since the HTF Compact is only added in a 5% v/v concentration and does not impact the glycol properties in solution.

The overall system heat transfer is enhanced by the presence of nanoparticles in solution. This results in a better handling of heat from and to coolant solution. As a result, you will experience that your HVAC system components operation rate will decrease in order to manage the same heat load. This means that not only your pumps but most importantly, chillers and heat pumps will work at a lower rate to achieve same performance. This is directly translated into lower single power consumption of equipment.

The efficiency is not reduced over time since HTF Compact does not suffer from any aging effect or efficiency reduction over time. Nevertheless, it is usually the case that some systems are purged over time or have leakages with a subsequent refill of coolants. In such cases, it must be assured that HTF Compact remains at all times at 5% v/v concentration. This can be proved by ongoing applications in which after 24 months of product introduction, performance is still at the same level.

The answer is very simple: from minute 0, performance is increased throughout higher heat transfer efficiency. After following our installation procedure and adequation of your system to the new enhanced performance of the coolant, you will recognize the performance at most system units electrical consumption, and most importantly, at your power bills.

No, the installation of HTF Compact is quite simple and straight forward. You can add it while your system is running and base coolant in circulation. This gives the installation the flexibility of doing it at any time.

Our team of experts at our Headquarters are able to quickly assess performance of your system. You can send us a sample of your current coolant solution and TCT Nanotech will give support on whether an adjustment is needed. We suggest performing that check once a year.

HTF Compact is designed to be applied in any system that works with water, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol (or any mixture of those) as base coolant. Our product is specially formulated to increase corrosion protection as well as sedimentation. The use of HTF Compact is suggested for every system metallurgy since there is no compatibility issue.

Yes, depending on the goals and the facility operation strategy, the extra efficiency brought by HTF Compact can lead to achieving better cooling or heating temperatures while not increasing the electrical consumption. This allows certain facilities to avoid revamping of units, and its related Capex investment, while being able to manage the increased heat load.